Family Trip to Villahermosa - Mexico

Family Trip to Villahermosa – Mexico

In Náhuatl  Tabasco means a “place where land is most”. The state of Tabasco is located between the states of Veracruz has Campeche along the Gulf of Mexico.

The state is known for its vast river basins, deep lagoons and expanding petroleum industry. The capital Villahermosa offers an array of fascinating cultural attractions, great selection of modern hotels and revitalized infrastructure. Some of Tabasco’s most interesting places to visit include spectacular archeological sites, incredible (and still operating) cacao plantations and a variety of tranquil and colorful colonial towns.

Mesoamerica’s earlier civilization- the Olmecs – thrived in the state of Tabasco around 1500 B.C. The Olmecs developed Mexico’s first non-nomadic culture. It’s rich culture have significantly influenced the region’s unique and complex historical character.

Enjoy a short video showcasing my trip to the state of Tabasco with the family.

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