I would describe my style of photography as a mix of photojournalistic style with a blend of contemporary flair.

My goal is to capture the best possible images in the most unobtrusive and friendly manner allowing the bride, groom and their guests to fully enjoy the wedding day. During bridal preparations I will capture the emotions and excitement of all people involved in getting the bride ready for the wedding. I will photograph extravagant couture work, shoes, amazing jewelry and other important details. Before the actual ceremony I will attempt to photograph some unforgettable bridal portraits. During the ceremony the emphasis will be on groom and bride. Selecting and photographing the joy and emotions of exchanging vows and rings, first kiss, and capturing the excitement of close family members will be my upmost priority. Right after the ceremony I will photograph guests groups and family members. This would also be the perfect time to allow other guests take their own pictures. Immediately after I will move on to short session with bride and groom. Understanding venue requirements and time constraints will be my main responsibly as I prepare for portrait session with the couple. I will be looking to capture variety of beautiful images from around the venue. In some instances, hotels and resorts offer unique and private areas for photographer to work with bride and groom. The typical couple portrait session lasts between 1-2 hours. The length of the session can be arranged with an organizer prior to the wedding in order to mitigate potential scheduling issues. As I professional I will attempt to work with any lighting conditions available. I can adapt to soft light during an overcast sky or shoot during harsh and direct sunlight of the Caribbean and still create glamorous results. The remaining portions of the day will be spent on capturing spectacular moments shared by newly weds during the post-ceremony festivities. I will become almost invisible and will emphasize the importance of photographing wedding guest’s expressions and emotions.


  • Affordable Riviera Maya Wedding Photography Packages including an array of albums and prints from the best print labs
  • I use the best equipment available. My current setup consists of two 5D Mark III bodies and a selection of top quality Canon L lenses and professional lighting equipment.
  • For my underwater photography I use professionally built Ikelite housing system to capture the most amazing images from under the water
  • Emphasis on quality and location flexibility. I will work with you to craft the best wedding photography plan