I’m a Canadian Wedding Photographer working and living in Riviera Maya, Mexico. Although I focus primarily on weddings and events in Canada, USA and Mexico I also cover destination weddings around the world.

As a wedding photographer I equally enjoy both shooting and post-production. I always look for unique opportunities in which I can capture and process the world around us. I have developed my own “creative vision” “creative vision” of what photography really means. My educational background is in science and both my brain and eyes process the world a little differently. For me photography is about finding, recognizing and capturing the undeniable beauty that surround us. It’s about pushing the limits between fine art and photography and finally it’s about challenging my post-processing skills and developing more creative ways to close the gap between existing practices and perfection. In my personal life I’ve learned that success doesn’t happen without failures. Failure is never fatal: it’s courage to continue that counts. That is why I will never give up on my plans and projects. I will continue to chase my dreams, regardless of how many detours I must take. Every road block is just a reminder of a new path I just took.